Our Services

The telecom service provider's biggest challenge in the future will be keeping up with people's demand for faster connectivity, enriched content, appealing UI/UX, faster video streaming, and a plethora of multimedia applications. Meeting user's demands for faster and more reliable services as they consume, companies that are able to meet these demands thrive.

Direct Carrier Billing

Tiara's Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a remote payment method that allows consumers to use their mobile devices to pay for online goods, products, support, services, and content ( on mobile phones, tablets, and Smart TVs).

Tiara enables mobile operators to monetize their networks and deliver more value to consumers. Tiara's key DCB: Easy to use, OTP Based Authentication, Click Based Payment, Offer Remote purchases, Availability – at one's convenience & Convenient for all age range.

Content Acquisition

Our team works to acquire numerous types and high-quality content which we distribute. Our acquisition & distribution strategy is not limited by imagination, from blog posts to case studies, infographics to podcasting, and full-length 4K/HD videos to micro-short audio-visual vids and premium gaming content.

If you're looking for specific relevant content for your brand's industry, you can reach out to us. Telecommunications Companies, Billing & Fintech Conglomerates, Gaming & Dating Businesses, Entertainment & Sports Firms and Social Media Landscapes.

Future factory

Our Innovation team focuses on Ad funded products, Collaboration platforms, Innovative E-learning and Health, Application development and Community solutions, etc.

Content Aggregation

Creating world class solutions with premium content